Health insurance in Texas still needs a lot of help. This is because over 19% of Texans, representing some five million people, still do not have a health insurance policy. The affordable care act has sought to address these issues but with only limited success, since the state level government of Texas is opposed to the act on principle. If you or any relatives need health insurance click here.

Despite the opposition to the Affordable Care Act and its national and state level rollout, Texas did progress forward into the 2014 first open enrollment. The state boasted a far larger uninsured pool and population than the majority of other states. In fact, the Kaiser Family Foundation determined that as many as 3,143,000 residents of Texas could be possible exchange customers. They expected that over 2 million of them would receive subsidies for premiums based on family income levels and lack of health insurance for Texas.

Open enrollment concluded in the middle of April 2014. Around only 733,000 state residents had enrolled in the Texas insurance exchange. Health and Human Services announced that 84% of these people had received subsidies to reduce the price of their premiums. While somewhat impressive, these better numbers having Health insurance in Texas were a far cry short of the over 3 million state residents who were potential customers, with only 23% of the estimated to enroll contenders having taken the Federal government up on their affordable care act scheme and new health insurance in Texas plans.

It was not for a lack of choices that the Texas exchange so poorly underperformed expectations. There are 11 carriers who provide health insurance for Texas plans through the exchange. The problems centered around the fact that in 75% of Texas counties, only one or two of the carriers were providing any health insurance for Texas plans to residents. Meanwhile, the heavily populated regions of eastern Texas, mostly in the triangle from Houston to Dallas to San Antonio, boast at least three different carriers from which the people can choose health insurance in Texas. The remainder of the counties of Texas has far fewer choices to offer their residents.

In the old days before the year 2014, insurance companies underwrote policies differently in almost every state, health insurance in Texas companies included. Pre-existing conditions were the dreaded by-word for the fact that if people had a sickness or condition from before they picked up health insurance in Texas, then they very likely would have serious problems in getting coverage at all. If they could, their conditions would like simply be excluded from the coverages provided by the health insurance in Texas policy, or their premiums would be so high as to be in practice unaffordable.

To counter this, the Texas Health Insurance Pool came into existence to provide state residents with alternatives to the status quo should they find themselves shut out from the health insurance in Texas markets because of their medical history. Now the implementation of the Affordable Care Act has eliminated the function and need of the Texas Health Insurance Pool, which stopped covering members on March 31, 2014. The members of the old pool were seamlessly migrated over to the state exchange where they received full health insurance in Texas coverage, including for their pre-existing conditions. 5 Casino tips