A Weather Issue In Texas

Probably few people consider floods when they think about the Lone Star State. From the thick, lush forests of the Big Thicket Country to the rolling landscape of lovely South Texas and the amazing desert and mountain vistas of Big Bend, our region offers diversity. Yet since Texas covers 261,979 square miles, floods do sometimes impact drivers and their vehicles even here. Anyone seeking Cheap Car Insurance might want to consider discussing this potential hazard with an auto insurance professional such as the insurance agents at TexasQuotes.com.

Just within the past year, for instance, significant flooding struck several parts of Texas. People living around the Brazos River had to contend with the consequences of the swollen waterway overflowing its banks. In Southeast Texas, record levels of rain fell during the month of May. And San Antonio experienced street flooding in some places. Auto insurance companies received many claims from damage caused by these events.

Flooding Poses Hazards For Drivers

Just like other types of natural disasters, flooding threatens human life and property. Sadly, at least 23 people perished in the horrific flooding in Texas this year. Drivers also in many cases experienced terrifying roadway conditions as they struggled to escape from dangerous environments.

As a result of unexpected flooding, thousands of vehicles in many parts of Texas sustained damage as a result of high waters. What can a vehicle owner do to protect automotive property under these circumstances?

Obviously, the most imperative concern during a flooding situation involves maintaining the safety and well being of drivers and passengers. When a flood strikes and you find yourself on the road, you may have few alternatives except to contact emergency assistance. Under no circumstances should you drive into or across visibly flooded roadways or bridges, since these structures may collapse during a flood, or you might find your vehicle carried away in rising waters. Follow best safety practices.

Automotive Insurance Coverage For Floods

The auto insurance industry in Texas can provide some assistance to car owners that may enable them to recover better following flood damage to vehicles. Some auto insurance companies offer comprehensive car insurance coverage. This type of protection reimburses owners for automotive losses caused by flooding.

Typically, a comprehensive auto insurance policy allows the insurer to pay drivers for damage the flood has caused to a covered vehicle, less the amount of the deductible. If the auto insurance adjuster determines that the vehicle is a total loss as a result of the flood, the auto insurance company typically pays the driver for the market value of the vehicle at the time immediately before the flooding occurred, less the deductible. Should the owner decide to keep the damaged vehicle anyway, then the auto insurance company deducts the amount of the salvage value from the check sent to the insured.

Comprehensive auto insurance assists drivers. It enables them to minimize automotive losses from flooding. The desperategambler’s podcast